Introducing sitecam900 - a Rapid Deployment Site Security Tower Camera

Onsite surveillance and monitoring from
Ninehundred Communications

Rapid 							Deployment Site Security Tower Cameras

The sitecam900 is a fully portable and highly capable on site security system that provides image capture, remote monitoring and onboard PA to deter access.

More than just a site camera

This purpose designed portable tower is much more than a site camera - it offers a portable security solution - it allows controllers to see, respond and take action quickly and efficiently.

On some sites conventional CCTV and security solutions are impractical or cost restrictive. Sitecam900 may well be the ideal solution.

The portability of the Sitecam900 provides a cost effective flexible solution that works around the issues encountered with fixed security systems.

As a site grows, the original location/s may no longer be providing the coverage required. Sitecam900 puts an end to those costly works to re-position equipment.